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Word associations. They lead us to jump from word to meaning, cause to inference, thought to judgement.

There is chaos on this path, or perhaps all around and within it, but it stays invisible except in hindsight.

What is chaos? It certainly appears to have something to do with noise. Sounds so loud, it does. But where did it come from? Or has it always been? – except that we did not notice it? For some, it is a way of life. Do not mistake chaos for uncertainty. No, they are quite different. Are they not?

Do you see the pattern? These are beautiful curves, twisting and turning even as they construct unusual knots. There are no angles here. Nature abhors an angle. So unpretty. Ugly.

Sweet dreams.

Six Hours to Go

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If there is one thing I am keenly aware of, it is the constant flow of time. My brain is hounded by an insatiable desire to keep the clock ticking in my head synchronized with the one ticking on my wrist (figuratively speaking), almost to the point of obsession.

I have another six hours to go before today comes to a close. Strictly speaking, it is more than seven, but time stretches out in a sort of vague, helpless way as the night approaches, and the minutes are gone before you can count them. Time is relative. QED.

There is much to be done. There is always much to be done. For the moment, I take comfort in the fact that my poor old blog has been revived, reborn from the ashes, at least for a little while. I must admit I took savage pleasure in deleting the old files, shredding them with simple Unix commands while secretly practising my evil laugh. It is regrettable…but I don’t regret it. Time to move on. Time for change. Time to make way for another cycle.

Time is cyclic – that which is not a habit must be repeated ad nauseum in a meaningless cycle, with none but a few details altered every time.

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